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Antiplagiarism application will detect plagiarism in every text

  • The highest efficiency among solutions available on the market
  • It will compare your diploma thesis with a multi-million collection of texts
  • Outclasses competitive solutions in terms of speed
  • Ensures 100% security of your data

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Check if your thesis is not a plagiarism!

Do you want to avoid the unpleasant disappointment when your thesis will be evaluated by the university and it will turn out that some of the text was plagiarized? Do not make this mistake, verify your thesis and sleep peacefully, knowing that the text is 100% original.


Why is our program the best ?

Legal license

You get a lifetime license without any limits. Order takes 5 minutes to complete - immediately after the purchase you will receive a link to download the application and a license key.

Fast and effective

The program detects plagiarism with the highest efficiency among available solutions and at the same time works incredibly fast


The program copes well with both extensive diploma theses as well as short textes like an article or an essay.

Simplicity and convenience

The program is very simple and convenient to use. All you have to do is choose the thesis you want to check against plagiarism and then click START.

Support for PDF format

Our program is one of the few that supports PDF format, so you will not be forced to convert your thesis to another format.

Support for format of Word program

Antiplagiarism supports files with the DOCX extension, which is the format used in Microsoft Word, that is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Advanced search

Fragments of your thesis will be compared with the results of the Google web search engine. Antiplagiarism app will search the websites with cheat sheets, essays, etc.


By using our software you have guaranteed 100% of security - your texts will never leak to the internet.


After checking your thesis, the program will generate a certificate of quality that unambiguously informs about the total level of plagiarism in the text.

Various language versions

The Antiplagiarism is entirely in the English and Polish language versions !

Technical support

We offer full technical support, we are at your disposal - we invite you to contact us by phone or e-mail.

How it works ?

A professional system analyzes text for plagiarism. Sophisticated algorithm automatically compares fragments of your thesis with Google search results. After completing the analysis process, the program indicates places in the text which can be treated as plagiarism of someone's text. Each such a fragment is highlighted in red color and the user can display web pages on which the analyzed fragment was published.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase an application ?

You can purchase the program by making payment via Allegro or PayPal. Other payment methods will also be available in the future. Order processing is automated. After making the payment, the 24/7 machine will send you an e-mail within a few minutes with a link to download the application and a license key.

Is my thesis safe ?

By using our software you have guaranteed 100% of security - your texts will never leak to the internet. No third party has access to your thesis. Unlike online applications, the program does not upload files to any servers, everything is done locally on your computer.

On which system will I run the program ?

You can run Antiplagiarism on any computer with Windows system. A simple wizard will guide you by the hand through the process of installing the application.

Is the software covered by warranty ?

We provide a lifetime warranty for our software. If the program does not work properly, you have 14 days to withdraw from the contract. We encourage you to try the demo version before purchasing the full version of the program.

What are the limitations of demo version ?

Demo version allows you to check a short text, containing a maximum of 100 sentences. The full version has no limits or restrictions - you get a lifetime license, free updates and full technical support.

What file formats does the program support ?

Our program supports text files and as one of a few on the market supports PDF format and used in the Microsoft Word - DOCX. Without a doubt, support for PDF and DOCX formats is what makes us stand out from competitors !

Do I need an internet connection to use the program ?

Yes, Antiplagiarism needs an internet connection to work because it compares fragments of the thesis with Google's search results. If the internet connection is interrupted during the text analysis, Antiplagiarism will inform you about it with an appropriate message. Once the internet connection is restored, you will be able to resume the program.

More qustions ?

Contact with us

Story behind the application

The Antiplagiarism was created at the beggining of 2018 as a response to the lack of effective software, which allows to detect plagiarism commited in diploma theses. The software was developed by two programming enthusiasts, who once also were students and well understand the duty of fighting against text plagiarism. This problem occurs both in the case of extensive diploma theses as well as in the case of small articles or essays. The creators decided to provide a flexible solution that can be used with any type of text, regardless of its characteristics.

Focusing on ensuring that the software detects plagiarism with high precision, was safe and user-friendly - they provided a solution that was positively received by the academic community. Success caused that the software is being developed to this day and the group of its recipients is constantly growing. You should trust us too !

Bartosz Boniecki

Bartosz Boniecki


Dominik Mikuła

Dominik Mikuła


Opinions about the Antiplagiarism system

The program complies with the description. It helps me in my daily work at school in history classes. Students frequently copy the text from the internet. Now I have a very effective and fast way to verify their essays.
Definitely recommend.

Caroline (teacher)

Some fragments of my Master's thesis were available on the internet. A simple modification of sentences assured me that my diploma thesis would not be rejected by the promoter.
I confirm that the application is working.

Paul (student)

I often ask students to prepare a short essay and I reserve that this is not meant to be copied from the internet. Thanks to the Antiplagiarism program, I can quickly check whether students follow the given rules.
The program works without any complaints.

Stanley (PhD student)

At school now I have a lot of essays to write and some of them I send to teachers through the internet. For some time now, before I send an essay, I check it with the Antiplagiarism program - with a low score of plagiarism, which the program displays, I always get positive grades.
I greet you warmly.

Annie (high-school student)

I study at Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science. While writing my engineering thesis I supported myself with materials from the internet. After writing, I wasn't sure if I didn't copied some fragments from other authors. This ingenious program saved my own skin and saved me a lot of time !
The program is well-proven and 100% worth recommending.

Adam (student)

The software was used by students from, among others, the following universities....

  • Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie
  • Uniwersytet Warszawski
  • Politechnika Poznańska
  • Politechnika Gdańska
  • Uniwersytet Wrocławski

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Contact with us

If you want to ask a question, we are at your disposal - we invite you to contact us by phone and e-mail with the Customer Service Office. You can also send us an e-mail via the contact form below.

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